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The digital workshop where every photo gets a second chance.

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fotofixer offers three types of services:



Photo restoration

Whether they are black & white or color, printed photos will deteriorate in time. FotoFixer is doing the photo restoration and colorization of those precious old photos. [see restoration portfolio]

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Those photos that, for whatever the reason, didn’t came out right, now get another chance. By photo retouching (postprocessing), FotoFixer will get them as close as possible to what you’d wanted them to be in the first place. [see retouching portfolio]

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photo tricks for presents

A creative photo trick showing the celebrated person is one of those cool and funny gifts that just won’t pass unnoticed. The photo trick can be printed on a t-shirt, a cake, a mug etc. [see photo manipulation portfolio]

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Some photographs deserve a second chance.

give pics a chance!

Who is FotoFixer?

For about 15 years, he worked in mass media and advertising. He learned Photoshop because he wanted to make his own photo tricks for the funny articles he was writing, just like those actors that want to do their own stunts.

Photo editing became a hobby for him, if not a guilty pleasure. But his passion grew to such level that if he was handed a flyer on the street, he would immediately rush home, quickly scan the flyer and get to photo editing 🙂

In short, FotoFixer is an obsessed artist, self-demanding and self-ironic, a guy who, contrary to what it seems, doesn’t like to refer to himself in the third person. He does it just for branding.

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why choose FotoFixer?

That’s a fair question! Here are three possible reasons:

1. you are treated with honesty

Right from the beginning, FotoFixer lets his clients know what can be done and what can’t, thus eliminating the misunderstandings and disappointments.

2. You get the best of that photo

No matter how badly deteriorated a photo is, FotoFixer is striving to get the most of it, with his wizzard-like skills in photo restoration. He’s really good at this!

3. The photos will have a natural look

FotoFixer is stubbornly avoiding to produce photos with that fake, plastic-like look, with striking color differences and forced contrast. Preserving a natural texture it’s a must.

But you should see for yourself:

FotoFixer Portfolio

If the images won’t convince you, nothing will.

FotoFixer portfolio

All the images on this website are published 100% legally. Whether it’s showing photo restoration, colorization, photo retouching, photo trick, photo manipulation or any other case of photo editing, that image is one of the following: (1) direct property of FotoFixer, (2) photograph published with the permission of the owner, or (3) photograph belonging to the public domain.